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This is the occasional blog of Christchurch Architect Paul King,  freelancer, 3D architectural renderer and director of boutique Christchurch based practice Architecture Prime Ltd  www.prime.net.nz

Topics are relevant to building, architecture, and Architects in Christchurch and beyond.

If you are a Christchurch Architect, want to pick the brains of a local Architect, or have anything architectural to discuss, this is the place!

Paul King Architect | Christchurch | New Zealand | (03) 383 4592 | www.prime.net.nz

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  1. davelaunder says:

    hi Paul
    you have offered this as a discussion site for relevant serious comment ex chatlist
    is that a go-er?

    • Hi Dave – absolutely!. Only thing to bear in mind is that it is viewable by the public.

    • Carmen says:

      The iconic Christchurch Cathedral is the image that relaly lingers in my mind of this week’s devastation. But I have faith that with the strong support and love from all the people of New Zealand the people of Christchurch will find the strength and courage to rebuild their beautiful city and feel proud of it and safe to live there once again.My mind has reflected on the earthquake that flattened Napier in the 1930 s and how it is now such a thriving, popular town to visit and live.At the moment everyone is feeling the raw pain, loss and sadness. There will be years of graft and tears to get Christchurch back again, but I have faith that it will happen.Sarah @ Catching the Magic recently posted..

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